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An alternate-universe Portland, OR


Skypeak LLC








Laborious Rex is the world's first 100% dinosaur-owned game studio.


Rex is a tyrannical programmer adept in 20 different languages. He only agreed to join Ptera and Lofus's game studio on the condition they name it after him. A programming prodigy since the age of 5, Rex's life goal is to make the whole world recognize his genius. Currently, he's living in his car.


Ptera (with a "P") is the lead artist pterodactyl of Laborious Rex. After graduating from art school, she worked as a fry cook for 5 years. Then one day a life-changing event happened, and she decided to get serious about art. She quit her job, moved back in with her dad, and started making games with DJ Lofus. One day she hopes to show the world her unrecognized talent. She says she enjoys listening to her favorite obsure indie post-noise band Microtonsil while drawing.

DJ Lofus

DJ Lofus is a parasaurlophus and lifetime herbivore. Lofus maintains that the secret to their 100% chill mindstate is a cruelty-free diet and smoking tree stars daily. Other than contributing music, and "just about everything else," Lofus is the business brains of the operation. It was their idea to break a world record with a 69 minute game trailer. Lofus's hobbies are "music, partying, and always keeping it 100." Also, Lofus's uncle rented them the Laborious Rex studio for a family discount. Sure, it's infested with rats, but at least they can afford to keep the lights on.

The Ghost Box

The ghost box is where Laborious Rex gets most of their ideas from. The general rules are:

  1. When in doubt, consult the ghost box.
  2. Never open the ghost box.


Please reach out to Laborious Rex via Facebook.



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