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Crate Punks: Dada is Dead


Laborious Rex


Skypeak LLC

Release Date:

March 2, 2020


PC / Linux







The new Crate Punks: Dada is Dead release is a ground-up remake of the titular 2016 crate-throwing battle game. A clever game of crate action chess, perfect for sharing a couch with your friends. Each arena is made of 100% crates, which means anything you can stand on can and will be used as a weapon.


  • Short, violent bursts of crate-thrashing gameplay
  • Local co-op with up to 8 players
  • Instant replays
  • Controller support


Following the status quo of modern game trailers, Laborious Rex released a trailer that tells you absolutely nothing about the game. It's anything but a regular trailer, though. Claiming to be the "world's longest game trailer" at a full 69 minutes, it feels like a strange dive into a wannabe filmmaker's head. Despite a scene where someone watches the trailer itself, the trailer does its best to prevent you from watching it: it features long, repeating sequences, dotted by bursts of bizarre footage that will probably leave you scratching your head. You know from the start that you're in trouble when you find yourself staring at a coin, expecting something to happen until you realize the only way to watch this video is to use the jump to various parts and try to find some sense in it. Highlights include a sequence of chickens wearing crates on their heads (at 39:00), an exploited silent era film where a man freaks out in response to a bad review (supposedly an "actual Steam review") at 26:00, and a strobing music precluded by multiple seizure warnings. According to the description of the video, "We probably shouldn't have."


Players reviewing the original said things such as:

  • "Finally, an outlet for the crate-based rage I've accumulated from years of playing sokoban. It's goofy, kinetic fun. Keeps its promises re: both crates and punks." - Josh Millard, creator of Ennuigi
  • "Crate is life and Death. The forger of friendship, and the destroyer." - Thaly Parga
  • "Juiciest crates in years. .01 seconds to crate." - Unknown


Cities across the world have gone dark from "The Cratening." After the death of the C.E.Overlord, the factories kept making crates, the drones kept delivering them, and no one could shut it down. The supply chain has uncoiled: now merchandise outpopulates the people.

The city's piled with crates. And those few who live here, foraging on crate food, well... they don't get along too well.


The new Crate Punks was developed by Laborious Rex, a studio consisting of "3 dinosaurs who make games." According to their presskit, Rex, the tyrannosaurus, does the programming, Ptera, the pteradactyl, does the artwork, and the rest is done by a dinosaur called "DJ Lofus."


Skypeak LLC permits you to use footage of Crate Punks and its trailers to create your own videos, even for commercial purposes. To make it clear, "Let's play" and "review" videos are both permitted and encouraged, even if they are monetized!

This permission can be found in writing at


Please reach out to Laborious Rex via Facebook.





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